Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unbelievablly stupid

folks can you believe that a 48yrs old man in my district has been on the run ever since Tue 30th March 2010, when it was discovered that he was responsible for his 12yrs old daughter's pregnancy. that very day i was at a friend's studio trying to put finishing touches on a song i was doing for a Television Commercial, I felt so exhausted that I went out for a breather, when suddenly I saw a Mother Chasing her Twelve Years old daughter, Screaming "I'll Kill you today" so I and some guys and fans around tried to quell the chase. out of curiosity we inquired what was the cause of the chase from the woman, who was panting heavily, and now in tears, she throw us to the little pretty damsel who was crying also, only to be told that the she was pregnant.............................. if you happen to stay in my district you will think the woman was over reacting cos teenage pregnancy was no news in the area, but when we asked who was responsible, the whole place went silent and after a long and thoughful silence the woman spoke up, Saying, "na her papa" on hearing this i was moved to think the woman was just insulting the girl or blaming it for her father's lack of care, but i never knew she meant it as ' her father has being having sex with her and now she is pregnant' immediately i figured that out i was moved to kill the foolish father, but i was told the man has gone to work, we waited untill 1800hrs local time when the said Man is supposed to come back from work but he didn't. ever since then the man has not been seen or heard from....................................... what kind of a married man will.........
  1. lust after his own daughter
  2. then conceive the idea of sleeping with her
  3. then go ahead to sleep with her
  4. and continue sleeping with her
  5. then get her pregnant
  6. and run away
  7. finally forsake her and her broken hearted Mother that happens to be his Church Wedded Wife.
so folks what do you think should be done to that Mna and the Baby in the young girls womb, what could have led to these.