Friday, February 26, 2010

SeX and Regret

Hi folks is it true that there isn't no true satisfaction from sex because 99% of sex addicts tell me that 99% of sexual intercourse has a regret line at the end..................
Bottom line.................... the end of sex is regret


Though some people think it is a normal act for young men usually unmarried to indulge in this act of "self strafing" as i WOULD LOVE TO CALL IT but on the long run Masturbation is highly addictive, just like your heroine or cocaine or any coca leaf extract. it has the power to make your life miserable yet making you feel happy and relief at the same time

the question now is this.................... is it right or wrong
but scientifically or bibliographically

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why can't men be straight forward with girls if they are only after intimacy, why can't they say, before we start this, i want to let you know that it's purely going to be intimacy and no other stuff involved rather than act like you want a relationship with them and have intimacy with them, then never call them or avoid them. Why cant you just say the truth and stop leading us on, thinking we can't handle the truth, Trust me there ARE girls out there, who just want intimacy, guys tell me why?
At times we have just what it takes but our hideous ways turns our white oat meal to black