Monday, March 7, 2011

Lets get to Work

Guy and Gals, this is a wake up call to all who have love for the future.
stand to your feet and take a long gaze into the future using these generation of youth as your goggles and you'll be shocked to know that the future has being stolen by the illicit acts of Immorality on the street of every town and city of the world.
presently we do not have positive dreams anymore, every young child wants to become a thief or sexist. hold on, I'll explain. in the mind of every child is the dream to be in a political office someday, not because they want to cause a change in the society but because they want they want to live large in the society and living large means being in control of both money and people. this can only be achieved by being corrupt and autocratic.

to read more log on next time

the ultimate challenge for change is to get on our knees for our generation

say a prayer today of not less than 60seconds and see God Change our Generation

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