Thursday, August 25, 2011



The seed germ is a soul in seed form OR a soul that is not yet active or quickened. When God breathe into Adam's flesh, formed from the earth in Genesis 2:7, the breath of life (Holy Ghost breath), this breathe came upon something that was quickened. The bible said Adam became a LIVING SOUL. Now His soul became alive or was quickened by the Holy breathe of God.

This breathe of God was the same that came as a rushing mighty wind in Acts 2. It came to do the same thing, which is to quicken, to make alive something.

Soul is the real YOU. It is a being, YOU. It is the nature on the spirit realm. It is the inside of the inside. It is the control tower of the human being. It has only one sense, doubt or faith. Soul is what identifies YOU. It is not a body, it is not celestial. It is way beyond the spirit realm, and it's the nature on the spirit. It is what controls the spirit realm. Animals don't have soul. They have no being controlling their spirit realm.

Now there is a process to the emergence of SOUL. It starts as a THOUGHT (eternal or temporal). This THOUGHT expressed is called SEED (or Word, for God's children). This SEED when quickened or made alive is called a LIVING SOUL.

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