Friday, April 27, 2012


BUILDING GODLY CHARACTER Character can be defined as a pattern of behaviour. One’s character is ones manifestation in the eyes of people and of God. It is highly disastrous to be charismatic and lack character. Charisma can elevate you but it’s the character that sustains you. Though nature defines your future but character is what determines your destiny. Beauty is grossly expressive in character than in the physical. A Yoruba statement says “iwa lewa” meaning “character is beauty”. Therefore character is the most essential tool to climb high the mountain of success. When your character is faulty then all achievements in life are temporal. Looking at the life of Rueben in the book of Genesis, you will discover that he lost his first born rights for lack of character. When you simply miss match your character the losses are usually more grave than meet the eye. Those whose destinies are important overtime had lost it for the lack of character. These characters are highly and usually underrated, they include lack of mouth control, lack of belly control, lack of sleep control, lack of feet control. When you live such a lifestyle you’re gradually grinding your destiny in a grand style. Those who lack character should be alert else they become as Rueben or Esau that lost his birth rights for lack of belly control. These folks had a regretful end for that little Character flaw there over sighted. Now in the New Testament the Bible made us to understand that there Gifts of the Spirit and Fruits of the Spirit, but the gifts become wasteful when the fruits are lacking and these fruits are all character based. What so ever you do that is void of Godly character they are rendered useless if character is not in place. Get your character in check and see Godly plan for you come to light and your destiny shall not elude you.

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